Effortlessly Grow Your B2B Sales By 9-31%

In minutes, enable your existing sales collateral to send alerts when viewed by prospects, record their interaction and generate heatmaps.

"The Biggest Problem B2B Sales Leaders Face Has Been Solved."

“Rapidly delivering growth without investing in headcount used to be extremely hard. IntelliBrochure behavioural analytics solves this by instantly improving opportunity qualification, revealing the right time to engage and what matters most to each prospect.”

Deploy in Minutes. No User Training Required. Start Seeing Immediate Benefits.

To deploy IntelliBrochure simply add the email addresses of your team. Once provisioned, users simply upload their existing sales collateral (product brochures, proposals etc). To send one they just enter the prospects name, click "copy link" and send via standard email. Once their prospect views the link, they will start receiving powerful insights.

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Alerts, Heatmaps and Recordings Provide Actionable Insights Proven to Deliver Growth.

Users get an immediate email alert every time their prospect views the intelligent brochure. Once the prospect completes viewing, users receive an exact recording of the prospect’s interaction as well as a variety of heatmap visualizations proven to help qualify opportunities better, tailor their pitch to the prospect and increase conversion rates.

Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

Proven to Deliver 9-31% More Sales, Shorter Sales Cycles and Increased Forecasting Accuracy.

Empower your B2B sales team to qualify opportunities more accurately and stop wasting time on dead-end leads. Reveal exactly what is important to each prospect and the best time to contact them. Give your team a true competitive advantage and beat your competition more often by harnessing the power of behavioral analytics and real-time data.

Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

Frequently Asked Questions By Our Clients and Sales Leaders Considering IntelliBrochure.

How does it work, and can I use my existing sales collateral (product brochures, quotes, proposals etc) with IntelliBrochure?

Yes.  All you need to do is upload them to the IntelliBrochure website and they will instantly be transformed into Intelligent Brochures.  To share one with a client, you just need to click “copy” and send them an IntelliBrochure link, just like normal link.


File types supported are PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF.  If you wish to send a powerpoint, you will need to convert it to a PDF first (which takes 2 seconds generally).


See below a short explainer video showing how it works.


You refer to 9-31% growth in sales. How did you determine this (what research did you conduct)?

Yes so we conducted a survey across a portion of our user base (39 individual users in total) and they self-reported the results they achieved using IntelliBrochure.  Users came from a variety of industries including insurance, IT, construction, utilities and professional services all in the B2B space ranging in size from 50 to 2,600 staff (sales teams were 3 to 85) in size.


Most respondents (28) reported an increase in sales of between %9 and %31 that they attributed to one or more of the insights provided by IntelliBrochure (View alerts, heatmaps and recordings).  The largest increase reported by a single user was 212% over the 3-month period that the survey covered.  6 respondents reported between 0% and 8% increase in sales for the period with the remainder either experience greater than 31% growth or “not sure” (“not sure” respondents tended to have extended sales cycles beyond the 3 month survey window or were unnable to report.)  As such, the 9-31% figure is based on the the “mode” (most common) increase in sales reported by the users.


All respondents confirmed that IntelliBrochure helped to qualify opportunities more effectively and enabled them to manage their time more efficiently.  Importantly, all but 1 user found it “effortless” to adopt.  No respondents experienced a reduction in sales as a result of using IntelliBrochure or felt that it significantly effected the way they work.

Respondents also reported that the session replays and view alerts were the most valuable features to them, followed by the heatmaps.

Some of the feedback provided has been summarized and provided below:

Pioter – Construction Inside Sales Rep (UK)

“I have more confidence in calling customers after I send them the information they request because I know they have looked at it.”


Torben – IT Services BDM (USA)

“I watch the recordings on how they read our service schedule so I know if they are serious.  If I don’t have time, often it’s enough knowing how long they spent looking at it [without watching the recording].  I speak with a lot of time wasters and [IntelliBrochure] weeds them out.”


Jennifer – SaaS Customer Success Manager (USA)

“In my role, I follow up on our free trial clients and try to convert them to paid plans.  We have a lot of trials so following up and speaking with all of them was almost impossible.  What I do now is send a templated email to them with some product information after the trial has expired from my personal email.  If they open it and look at the pricing I then call them.  My sales have gone up 212% and I’m selling more higher value plans.


Melly – Owner Promotional Products (Australia)

I actually find it intriguing to see how detailed people are when looking at our catalogues.   It’s actually quite interesting.  There is a real comfort factor I suppose is the best way to describe it in talking to potential client’s and knowing that they actually are interested.  Often when you sell promotional products people just tell you to send some info through and I never used to know if or when I should followup.  


Max – Building Supplies Sales Rep (Australia)

It took me a couple of weeks to remember to send out product info using your website or whatever it is (sigh*) but yeah it’s good.  You know if they’re [Existing customers] worth calling or not and the heatmaps good.  They look like the predator movie.


Nitesh – Telecommunications (Australia)

I use the data [heatmaps and recordings] to tailor my conversation to them [new and existing customers] after I send them the proposal.  It’s pretty hard here to send out formal quotes so what I do is send them a proposal then followup and talk to them and try and talk about the stuff they looked at the most.  I don’t know exactly how much my sales have gone up but I work on a couple of deals this quarter where I could tell it really helped.  Probably added 10% or 20% to my number this quarter.


Reece – Industrial/Commercial Kitchen Supplies (UK)

I was on leave for the first 3 weeks we had this, but, in the last 7 weeks my number has gone up for sure.  Maybe 25% more contracts signed but I don’t know the gross sales increase [when asked to estimate by how much].  For me and probably most of us it’s the alerts and recordings that help the most and whats really weird is that a lot of opportunities where you think they won’t buy, they end up looking at the stuff I send through for ages and actually buying.


Cody – IT Account Manager (USA)

I don’t know exactly if the I’ve closed more using IntelliBrochure then without [Account Manager dealing with high volume upgrades and small orders].  The main reason I like it though is the fact that I have something to let me know if they looked at the information I sent through.  Just having some visibility of what they are doing really helps and knowing that I’m not wasting my time.

How and why can such a simple tool deliver a 9-31% increase in sales?

We get versions of this question a lot (it’s our favorite one).


Please watch the short video below which delves into the powerful concept about how small changes to the way an organization operates can have powerful results and how often we have a cognitive bias against this. (it’s also one of the most interesting TED talks ever).


As it applies to IntelliBrochure, essentially the difference between our product and other growth inititives is simple.


We focus on ground level tactics… NOT high level strategy.  IntelliBrochure incrementally increases the probability of closing each and every opportunity by providing actionable insights specific to each opportunity that improve qualification, reveal what matters most to the prospect and the best time to engage them.  Equally importantly, IntelliBrochure does not require reps to dramatically change the way they work (unlike many CRMs) and provides an immediate, tangible benefit.


This is before we even consider additional benefits like notification when stalled deals are back in play (a big one) and operational efficiency (better forecasting etc).


As you will see from the video below, high level strategy is important.  But in terms of delivering rapid growth (typically 9-31%) addressing the day to day challenges your sales team faces may be the most effective way to achieve rapid growth.



Still not convinced?  Well see below an example of how a simple phrase added $2 million of revenue to a software business (just as email alerts and knowing what prospects view may).

Can I see examples of the insights I will receive from IntelliBrochure?

Attention Heatmap

Shows what the user focused on combining the location of their mouse, clicks and screen.  Extremely helpful in understanding what is important to the recipient.  We recommend this is used in conjunction with the movement heatmap where possible.

Movement Heatmap

Shows a heatmap of the users mouse based on location and length of time (obviously only available where the user views on laptop or desktop as phones and tablets don’t have a mouse).  Most useful for collateral where the content is located in two or more columns and provides an extremely accuarate reflection of what matter most to the recipient.


Shows at a glance how far down the collateral the recipient scrolled.  This is helpful to establish quickly if they took the time to read the whole collateral or not.

It’s all important to know that all heatmaps are composite, meaning that if a recipient views it more then once, you will get each heatmap version showing the aggregate of both views which provides the best insight possible.


Recordings however will be able to be viewed individually.

What makes IntelliBrochure so different from other sales initiatives?

Neglible Behavioral Change Required – Immediate Benefit.

Often with any sales initiative, sales leaders ask their team to change a behavior in one way or another (think training, CRMs etc).  Notwithstanding the fact a lot of sales training is poor or not fit for purpose and CRMs are designed for managers and not users, ultimately sales reps tend to be resistent to change natuarally, however without a clear benefit to them, often they resist.


IntelliBrochure takes a different approach.  Rather then tell a sales rep “do this or do that” our product focuses on providing sales reps with information critical to the sale without requiring them to change the way they work in any substantial way.  By doing this, we provide a tangible, immediate benefit which reinforces the behavior of using IntelliBrochure.  This is the opposite of CRMs, which, do provide a benefit but often it’s not immediate or the benefit does not really apply to the sales rep required to enter the info (it’s required for forecasting or benefits marketing but only tangentially the rep required to invest the time inputting the data).


And whilst we don’t have any issues with adoption, ofcourse their are instances where sales reps refuse to change the way they work because they are already performing well.  In such cases, because we price the product so cost effectively, their is no real obligation for a sales leader to spend a heap of time trying to “force” them to use it.  Unlike say changes to the way CRMs are used (or upgrading CRMs) there is no downstream impact of this decision (and as you know, getting sales teams to use a CRM is a nightmare).


Behavioral Reinforcement – Visibility Of Use.

Often sales reps in a team share recordings and heatmaps with one another as simply as a matter of curiosity as these insights are ultimately revealing something that many have been curious about, and, worthy of office chit-chat.  Whilst this may seem of limited significance, what is does is illustrate to your team the use of the product which encourages adoption.


Most Importantly, Ground Level Tactics NOT High Level Strategy

Finally, the IntelliBrochure is proven to deliver results (9% – 31% increase in sales) based on 39 users.  Other initiatives ofcourse can also deliver results however often they do this indirectly by delivering gains in efficiency which “in theory” leads to more sales.  With IntelliBrochure their is a straight line between using the product an more sales in that it provides critical, actionable data for each deal that it used on that increases the chances of the sales rep closing the deal).


IntelliBrochure works where the rubber meets the road, on a deal by deal basis by providing inisights that help your reps close each and every deal.  Sales is a numbers game.  You can drive growth by generating more opportunities OR increasing the conversion rate of opportunity to sale.  IntelliBrochure by increasing your conversion rate, which, has the additional benefit of meaning you see results quickly.

How does IntelliBrochure compare with growth strategies I'm considering?

Great question.  So compared to the typical alternatives such as sales training and CRM uprades, the short answer is:

  1. Proven results based on research (9-31% growth)
  2. ROI can generally be achieved in just one sale.
  3. Much lower risk in terms of time and cost.
  4. Takes less then a day to fully deploy (generally minutes not hours).
  5. Sales teams actually want use IntelliBrochure.
  6. And most importantly, IntelliBrochure focuses on delivering tactical insights specific to each opportunity that improves qualification, reveals what matters to the prospect and the best time to engage them.  Other initiatives focus on high level strategy, which is also important, but tends to take an extended period to deliver results.
  7. If in the extroadinarily unlikely event you don’t like IntelliBrochure, you can cancel anytime.

Why is knowing how prospects interact with sales collateral so valuable?

Great question.


The short answer is that based on countless research firms in the sales and marketing space, the biggest indicator of the degree to which a prospect is interested in buying your product is the time they invest in understanding it.  This in many respects is common sense.  Someone who spends 10 minutes reading about your product is probably more likely to buy then someone who spends 30 seconds.  This issue has always been that sales teams have never had access to this information.


By revealing this information (along with the data on exactly what they viewed within the sales collateral) we make this actionable.  Not only do sales teams now know that a prospect is interested, they know what they are interested in and also, when to engage them (whether that be immediately after finishing viewing the piece of sales collateral).  This helps sales teams at a prospect specific, tactical level thereby increasing their chances of closing each deal.


Moreover, the absence of data (IE: Knowing a prospect has not viewed product information they requested) is equally as important to know from a time management perspective in that this prospect is likely very low probability and not worth investing substantial time in (allowing them to focus on serious prospects).


So let’s look at an example inspired by a real life engagement with a prospect.


An enquiry about your product comes in from the web.  They are looking for information about your product, of which their are 3 options.  Your sales rep calls the prospect and throughout the call the prospect has limited time and asks for information to be sent to them. Pretty standard stuff.


From this call it is unclear how serious the propsect is, and, what is the best product option for them is.  Your sales rep sends them an email containing an intelligent brochure with product information on the 3 options.


After a day, your sales rep who potentially wasn’t going to followup with the prospect receives an alert to say “Prospect A” is viewing the intelligent brochure.   This information in and of itself is extremley helpful as now, your rep knows that the prospect is at least reading the information which proves a degree of consideration for the products you offer rather then someone just browsing with no real purchase intent.


15 minutes later, your rep receives an engagment report which shows “Prospect A” spent 8 minutes viewing the product information.  This is about 4 minutes longer then average in their experience with similar prospects (keeping in mind over time they will gain experience with this) which excites your rep because they know the prospect has invested substantial time in understanding the product.


The heatmaps show that “Prospect A” returned 2 times and spent the majority of time viewing product option 2.


Your rep immediately gives the prospect (who they know has now read carefully the product information) a courtesy call to see if they have any questions.  The prospect replies “actually great timing I was just looking at your products” and as such, is equipped with knowledge fresh in their mind about your products.  Your rep, knowing the prospect viewed product option 2 extensively mentions casually that “we’ve had a lot of interest in option 2 recently did you have a chance to look at that?” to which the prospect replies “yes that caught my eye.”  This statement immediately primes the prospect around option 2, which as we know, greatly improves the probability of conversion.


Again, we can go down the rabbit hole with this forever exploring how the same insights assist with proposals, quotes and other correspondence but the point is that we can see exactly how IntelliBrochure can help with sales.  But what is less clear is the inverse of this situation.  What would happen if a prospect enquired the same way but showed immediate interest, yet had not opened the product information.  Perhaps the rep would still followup however, armed with the knowledge they didn’t read the product information this would not be forecasted as a high probability sales (which as you know is a big challenge with forecasting).


In short both the data generated by IntelliBrochure (view alerts, heatmaps and recordings) as well as the absence of data is extremely valuable to sales reps and sales leaders like you who own the number and forecast.  It is for this reason that B2B sales teams using IntelliBrochure expeirence an uplift in sales.  IntelliBrochure allows reps to more accurately qualify and convert prospects, as well as manage their time much better.  This leads to more sales and critically, improved forecasting.

Why is sending links superior then sending documents?

A lot of mobile devices cant download/display PDFs properly which can be a bit of a pain for customers (not to mention sending them from a mobile device is a nightmare).   Also, large, feature-rich brochures often exceed file size limits.  The sending of links to product information is becoming the standard.

Other then more sales, why should I deploy IntelliBrochure?

In addition to more sales, the reason our client’s provide such positive feedback is:


  1. Greater pipeline hygiene, improved forecasting accuracy, a tool to aid in win/loss reviews and sales training, enables managers to validate the activity of underperforming team members.
  2. IntelliBrochure can be deployed in less then a day and therefore does not affect business as usual.
  3. There is no user training required.  It’s simple and easy to use.
  4. Sales teams actually want to use IntelliBrochure.  IntelliBrochure unlike so many sales initiative, doesn’t try and change the way B2B sales teams work.  It provides them with an immediate benefit and in many ways makes them more efficient.  In fact, many of our clients come start using IntelliBrochure because a rep who used it in a previous role requests it (which is pretty rare for CRMs and sales training).
  5. Cost effective.  IntelliBrochure is a fraction of the cost of most B2B sales growth initiatives (in both real cost and notional cost such as team downtime and enforcing adoption).
  6. Immediate ROI.  In most B2B environments payback on the cost of IntelliBrochure is just one sale.  Not one sale a day, or a week or even a month.  Just one sale… period.  Given the typical growth seen is 9-31%, IntelliBrochure is normally a “no brainer.”
  7. Risk free.  Often B2B sales initiatives such as CRM upgrades, Sales Training and other more intrusive SalesTech offerings actually reduce sales and contribute to staff churn.  This does not occur with IntelliBrochure and in the unlikley event some sales professionals don’t wish to adopt IntelliBrochure, the fact that is so so cost effective means that even if only 50% of tem members adopt it (which would be very low) you will still see an ROI extremely quickly.

What industry verticals use IntelliBrochure?

We have clients from:

  1. Information Technology (Saas, Vendors, Telecommunications and MSPs)
  2. Insurance and Financial Services.
  3. Construction, Trades, Commercial and Industrial Equipment.
  4. Professional Services and Consulting (inc Coaching and Training.)
  5. Utilities.

However, any B2B sales team that leverages sales collateral when engaging prospects and clients can benefit from IntelliBrochure.   The product has been designed to be extremely flexible in the way it is used, and priced in such a way that an ROI can be achieved very quickly in both real dollar terms (more sales) and operational efficiency.

What is the general feedback from other sales leaders who have deployed IntelliBrochure?

Feedback from our regular user research calls is extremely positive in terms of sales teams delivering more sales through better opportunity qualification and visibility of the sales cycle.  Sales leaders report that staff are happy to use the product and that the deployment and adoption was easy.


Most interestingly, sales leaders reported that by incorporating reviews of the heatmaps and recordings into their one on ones/regular pipeline review meetings, they have much greater confidence in their forecasting/validating opportunites.  This is something that we did not anticipate when designing the product, however, for many sales leaders is regarded as exceptionally important to them.


Importantly, not a single sales leader has reported that sales or team cohesion has been negativley impacted by deploying IntelliBrochure (which given that CRM changes and sales training often result in less sales and/or reduction in team happiness, this is quite important.)


Some interesting anecdotes from user feedback calls with sales leaders have been summarized below:


Jordan – Sales Director – Financial Services – 14 Reps

“This is the only sales tool I’ve ever seen that has no downside.  It’s cheap and delivers an obvious benefit without the headache of spending months in planning meetings and trying to justify spending large sums of money.  Basically it’s just a quick win.”


Tristain – Founder – Building Supplies – 23 Reps

“Your software was brought to my attention by one of the BDMs who used it at another company.  Everyones happy to use it and I’ve noticed more consistency in forecast sales coming in.  Honestly I don’t really get involved too much in this day to day it just hums along.”


Alex – Managing Director – IT Hardware and Services – 27 reps

“We’ve run a bunch of sales training courses that have been a total f***ing waste of money.   I’m probably not the best person to speak to about this as a my sales managers [4] are at the coal face, but, they say it’s helping with sales which is the most important thing.”


Carlos – VP Sales – Utilities – 34 sales reps (14 account managers.)

“I’ve spoken to our outbound team and they all absolutely love IntelliBrochure.  Sales have definitely improved and we’ve identified a weakness in one of our offerings from the heat displays.  Probably about 15% to 20% I think and thats including December which is quiet.  Actually, good timing you called we should probably look at rolling it out to our account managers.”


Simone – Regional Sales Director – Insurance – 7 Reps  (Inside Sales and Sales Consultants)

“Oh, you are the guys that do the heatmap thing.  Yeah thats clever a bunch of the guys here were showing me it… how do I get an account [new sales director taking over from an old one that started a week before].”


Waleed (Wally) Sales Director – Asset Management Hardware/Services/Supplies – 20 Reps

The IntelliBrochure concept is very interesting.  I was woo’d originally to it because your pitch focuses on what I also call the ground game [referring to tactical level].  Often sales solution are about wishy washy concepts.  [IntelliBrochure] gets into the nitty gritty and helps each sale.  Very happy with both the results [roughly 10% increase in sales] since deploying it but I also see a greater comfort factor in sales meetings from the team.

I'm looking to deploy IntelliBrochure. What's your advice on best practice and how to get the most out of it?

Here is what the CoFounder of Intellibrochure (who spent 15 years in sales and conducts many of the user feedback calls personally) recommends to any sales leader deploying IntelliBrochure.


“The power of IntelliBrochure is that it doesn’t require sales professionals to dramatically change the way they work and the benefits to them are immediate and obvious so using the product is self reinforcing (unlike CRMs where the benefits to the user are often unclear or non existent.)”


“With this in mind, we recommend that you simply encourage your team to use the product, and only as a last resort mandate it for stubborn reps.  Allow your sales team to try the product and discover how it benefits them individually.”


“If you run quite a junior team, implementing loose policies around ensuring following up with a client within X hours/days of seeing that they have viewed the sales collateral is often quite effective.  More senior teams generally understand this, but, if this is not the case then this is definitely something that should be explored.  We find that the insights delivered by IntelliBrochure can be extremely helpful in deal review meetings.”


“Other best practice guidelines come down to forecasting.  Basic principles such as not forecasting deals where the prospect has not engaged with the sales collateral often yield vastly improved pipeline hygience.  Likewise, both win and loss reviews will benefit from using the heatmaps and recordings, especially where you can compare them to other wins/losses.”  


“One thing to be wary of is to avoid putting in stringent policies around the use of IntelliBrochure (in perhaps the same way you might with a CRM) unless you are looking to investigate the specific performance of one of your team members.  The insights provided by IntelliBrochure are a good way for sales leaders to validate opportunities where they are concerned about the performance of individual reps and we see this as a particularly common use case.”      


“There is no silver bullet to implementing any sales growth initiative (including IntelliBrochure) and it will very much come down to your judgement as a sales leader.  With that being said, you can always reach out to us and ask for advice regarding your specific situation.  This is something we are extremely happy to discuss with you, and potenitally look at customization to support your requirements.


However what you can be assured of is the results achieved by our clients in the form of more sales, improved conversion rates, greater pipeline hygience and sales efficiency are consistently achieved, largely by simply enabling your team to use the product in a way that makes sense to them.  This is because we have focused on delivering an powerful, actionable insights that are specific to each individual opportunity and yield an immediate benefit to the rep.  

How have other sales leaders incorporated IntelliBrochure into their sales processes?

So, interestingly whilst we intended for IntelliBrochure to simply be used by sales professionals to gain visibility fo the sales cycle and close more deals, what we have found is that many sales leaders report during our user feedback sessions that they also use IntelliBrochure insights during their one on one’s and pipeline reviews with their team members.   In short, the insights give sales leaders visibility of their team’s activity which many find extremely valuable.  Moreover, they also report that this aides in their ability to accurately forecast opportunities.


Ultimately however, the main benefit they report is a growth in sales by simply providing their team with access to the product and enabling their team to use it as they see fit.

How long does it take to deploy IntelliBrochure and for users to learn?

IntelliBrochure can be deployed in a matter of minutes.  All you need to do is cut and paste a list of users email addresses seperated by a comma, and, they will receive an email to create their account.


It takes users 5 minutes to learn how to use.  It’s extremely intuitive and adding new recipients can be done in seconds.  This is one of the reasons that IntelliBrochure is so powerful and why users readily adopt and embrace using it.

How does IntelliBrochure help sales teams close deals that have stalled or gone quiet?

This is a common question we get asked.


When a rep in your sales team sends an Intelligent Brochure link, the link remains active until the rep chooses to deactivate it.


We find in practice, what happens is that in the event a deal stalls for an extended period, the prospect will often revisit it when they are ready to investigate it again.  Upon doing so, the sales rep will be alerted via email the Intelligent Brochure link has been re-opened, enabling the rep to give the prospect a “serendipidous” courtesy call.


Feedback from our regular users calls anecdotally suggests that these deals have a far higher conversion rate as the sales rep can engage them before prospect explores alternatives.


Furthermore, anecdotal evidence also suggests that the alerts encourage to sales reps to follow up on deals that they otherwise wouldn’t have, also leading to more sales.

What if I have a feature request? Will you customize the IntelliBrochure for my requirements?

Our philosophy is to deliver new features that our clients want and 100% want feedback from you to ensure that IntelliBrochure delivers more and more sales and value to your business.


With this in mind, nothing is better then getting feedback from the businesses that are currently using the product.


Now, obviously sometime the features our clients ask for a not technically possible, or, for some reason can not be built straight away, however, our team will do our best to accomodate the features you want so as to continually deliver more sales and value to your business.

Does the recipient need to give any consent for me to view the data captured?

No. By design, we don’t capture any personal details, insert cookies or capture or store sensitive information. Also, our software is 100% GDPR compliant.

How long does using IntelliBrochure take to learn?

5 minutes. One of the things we’ve focused on is making the product and interface extremely simple and intuitive, and, not require sales professionals to have to go through complex training.   By doing so, this facilitates adoption of the product and making the transition from sending legacy document sales collateral to intelligent bochures easy.

How long does it take to deploy IntelliBrochure?

Normally you can have IntelliBrochure fully deployed in a matter of minutes.  All you need to do is copy and paste a list of your users emails (comma seperated).  From there, your team members will need to create their passwords and add their name and details, which generally takes about 5 minutes.  In terms of training, we provide video demonstrations of how to use the product, however, users don’t require this.  One of the benefits of IntelliBrochure is the simplicity of adoption and use.  Unlike other sales initiatives, our focus has been not just on delivering growth for our clients, but eliminating the barriers to adoption.

Why have I never seen a product like this before?

Because software companies in the behavioural analytics space tend to focus on marketing tools (one to many engagements) and for some reason, don’t understand that in the hands of sales professionals (who operate in the “one to few” space) they are even more powerful.


Our personal opinion is the reason that businesses are investing heavily in marketing vs sales is that disproportionate advantage they get from analytics tools.


Our philosophy is to empower sales professionals and teams to reach their full potential with the same insights that marketing professionals have access to, as, we believe this is the most effective way to rapidly increase B2B sales (and the results we have achieved based on our user surveys demonstrate this).

How does IntelliBrochure aid in improving response rates?

So, this is very interesting.  When a rep sends an Intelligent Brochure link, they will have the option to display their email, phone or both at the top.

Whilst it sounds simple, this is extremely effective at improving engagement as any online marketer will tell you (displaying contact details at the top of the page can increase inquiries by 200%).  Whilst it sounds small, the impact can be profound.

The additional benefit of this is that it ensures that inquireies are sent back to the rep that initially engaged them, ensuring no team conflicts about who closed what deal and so on.

How long does it take to turn my sales collateral into an Intelligent Brochure?


Once you upload it, you will be able to send immediately.  This allows you to upload all your standard collateral in one go, or on an adhoc basis.

This is one of the features we really focused on to ensure IntelliBrochure can be seemlessly incorporated into sales activity.

How long does it take to generate the analytics/insights?

It’s near real-time. When a specific recipient views the link, you’ll get an email alert letting you know within about 30 seconds. Upon completion of the viewing, you’ll be sent an email with a link to view the reports and insights (after about 5 minutes or so).  Additional views will also be recorded and included into the heatmaps so you see if and when prospects return tot he sales collateral you sent them.

Can each individual user add their own sales collateral?

Yes.  Each user gets access to their own “Brochure Library” meaning they can upload whatever collateral they prefer to use.


This is particularly important as often sales initiatives are “one size fits all” and thus, prone to adoption and implementation challenges (as well as not working or even reducing sales).   IntellIbrochure focuses on enabling sales teams to use the product in a way that best suits them.

Does IntelliBrochure work on mobile devices?

Yes, both the user interface and the ability to view brochures. This isn’t 1996. Moreover the reps details will be displayed at the top of each link sent and be clickable aiding in direct response (whether it be phone call or email).


In many sales teams, this has the benefit of ensuring that prospects call or email the sales rep allocated to them, and avoids any issues with prospects calling the wrong rep and deal allocation issues.

Do you help with the graphic design for our brochures?

No, we’ve designed IntelliBrochure specifically so you can use your existing sales collateral and don’t need to spend months redoing everything.  This is one of the biggest advantages of the product.

Do I need to download software to use IntelliBrochure?

Nope. So, your IT manager will be very happy.

How many files can I upload?


Will the recipient know I have access to these insights?

No.  In the same way when you send emails via email marketing tools that track open and click rates, you do not need to advise them as we are not capturing any personal or confidential data.

How many recipients can I send to?


What if I buy this for my team and a salesperson leaves the company?

We provide a very simple to use user management interface that enables sales leaders to quickly add and remove users.

Can I use it to send quotes, proposals and other files?

Yes, 100%. All file types that are supported can be sent.

What happens if I need support?

We have a dedicated support team that can assist you with any questions you have, and, extensive online support documentation online.

What’s your product roadmap look like, and, do we get access to updates?

Yes, our clients receive all product updates at no additional cost. Moreover, we have a dedicated R&D department that is perpetually building new product features and capabilities to further support sales professionals to get those massive commission checks. We’ve seen the difference our product can make and are passionate about our customers and growing their bank accounts

Will you share an of my data with anyone?

Under no circumstances will we share any of your data with anyone.  Privacy and security are of utmost importance to us and we have taken extensive measures to ensure this.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes (not that you would ever want to)

Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)